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Magic Stronghold Games
3665 Kingsway, Unit 185
Vancouver, BC
V5R 5W2

Phone: 604-568-6030

Our store hours are:
   Sunday 11am - 10pm
   Monday 11am - 11pm
  Tuesday 11am - 10pm
Wednesday 11am - 11am
 Thursday 11am - 10pm
   Friday 11am - 12am
 Saturday 11am - 10pm
Questions/comments? E-mail us at and we'll reply as soon as possible.

Magic Stronghold Games
3665 Kingsway, Unit 185
Vancouver, BC
V5R 5W2

Phone: 604-568-6030

Our store hours are:
   Sunday 11am - 10pm
   Monday 11am - 11pm
  Tuesday 11am - 10pm
Wednesday 11am - 11am
 Thursday 11am - 10pm
   Friday 11am - 12am
 Saturday 11am - 10pm    
Magic Stronghold Games
3665 Kingsway, Unit 185
Vancouver, BC
V5R 5W2

Our store hours are:
   Sunday 11am - 10pm
   Monday 11am - 11pm
  Tuesday 11am - 10pm
Wednesday 11am - 11am
 Thursday 11am - 10pm
   Friday 11am - 12am
 Saturday 11am - 10pm    

Why should I shop at over someone else?

Magic Stronghold encompasses all the first-class characteristics of our more expensive online Magic: The Gathering competitors:

We have an extensive selection of singles.
Our singles conditions are held to the highest standard.
Our customers trust us.
We emphasize the importance of expedited customer service.

However, there are several important distinctions we'd like to stress. We keep our prices competitive; our sell prices are base entirely on how much the replacement cost of the card is. We are dedicated to providing and maintaining a website that is highly functional and easy to use.

Do I qualify for free shipping on my order?

Free shipping offers are available through promotions and other coupons available through other offers. Each coupon has their own specific details to abide by.

How long does an order take to reach me? (Domestic)

Canada Post Standard Shipping: We are located in British Columbia, Canada. Orders typically take 1 day to process. Domestic and shipping to the US will take up to 7 days depending on how far away you live, please refer to the map below.

International shipping can take in some cases up to 14 days, but typically takes around  7 business days.

Canada Post Expedited/Xpresspost Shipping is guaranteed, insured, and you can track your shipment online. Depending on what service you select, Next Day, Second Day, Ground, etc. You will always know exactly when your package will arrive.

USPS Certified Mail is required by TCG Player. These shipments normally take about 3-5 business days. We ship these items every Tuesday and Friday. Tracking numbers are supplied for these packages. 

Are you planning on selling MTGO digital cards eventually?  

We currently have no plans to offer or buy Magic Online cards until WOTC in their infinite wisdom allows us to sync our online inventory to directly to our MODO account via an XML datafeed or an API. Send Wizards an email about this if you'd ever like to see us carry Digital Cards!

Do you know what cards are currently banned or restricted?

       If you are interested in the current and official banned and restricted list please follow this link: Banned/Restricted List.

I have a rulings question; can you help me find the answer?

        Although we do play Magic, a better place to find an official ruling would be here:Rulings/QuestionsHow are shipping costs calculated?     

Shipping costs for either Canada Post or USPS are based entirely on the weight of your package and how quickly you wish it to arrive.

What is the best way to contact you? 

The easiest way to contact us is through email at

What are your hours of operation?

 We are working between the hours of 11pm and 10pm PST Monday through Friday.We do put in long hours that may exceed that range, if possible we will respond immediately. If we are unavailable, please include the best means of reaching you in either your email or instant message.

Do you travel to events?

We do travel to several events each year, typically we will post in the news section which events we are going to about a month in advance. But if you think we should go to an event near you, send us an email and we will look into attending it.

Do you buy cards?

We are always buying cards. Please come in to the store or email us directly.

Do you buy cards that are not on your buylist? 

We do buy cards that are not on our buylist all the time. If you send an email to us describing your collection we will tell you if we would be interested in it and we will give you the ballpark we would pay for it. It is our policy, just like a normal buylist transaction, to have you send in your collection for appraisal. We will inspect everything and tell you how much we would pay for it.

Do you buy card collections?

We are always looking to buy card collections, no matter what the size. Send an email to describing your collection and he will do a quick appraisal. Then just send it in.

How long will it take me to get paid for the cards I send in?

Typically your cards take a few days to process once they arrive, after that a check is sent the same day. If it is a buylist transaction, you will be alertedto the status of your order through email notifications for your convenience.

What if my cards are lost in the mail, who is responsible for them?

Canada Post Standard Mail You should be aware that the Canada Postal Service loses less than 1 in 500,000 pieces of mail; the odds are very low that anything was lost. Please check to make sure you put your correct address in your account.

If you are using Canada Post and your order status says it has shipped, but the package has not arrived in a reasonable amount of time. Please contact us. You should know that Magic Stronghold is not responsible for any Canada Post package once we have mailed it. If you are concerned about this occurring, please select a Canada Post Non-Standard shipping option. No exceptions will be made.

Canada Post Non-Standard All CPNS shipments are covered by insurance, rest assured; you can track your package online and see exactly where it is. If it doesnt show up, it is insured.

What kind of payments do you accept?

     We currently accept:

1. Cash: Not recommended, but if you insist to send us cash, please know that we are not responsible for it. We have not had any problems with cash thus far, but please be forewarned.

2. Check: Any order paid with a personal check will be delayed 7 days while we wait for it to clear our bank. 

3. Money Order: Money Orders are the suggested means of payment. If you pay with a Money Order your order will ship out the next day. Please keep the stub or receipt for your money order for your records, it is very important.

4. Paypal: We do accept Paypal; the website is fully integrated with the Paypal payment system. This is a very easy way to pay us, if you pay through paypal your order will ship the next day. We reserve the right to only ship to your confirmed Paypal address. 

5. Credit Cards: We take Visa and  MasterCard for your convenience.

Questions/comments? You can e-mail us at and we will try to reply as soon as possible. If you need to send a merchandise via mail, our shipping address is:
Magic Stronghold Games and Accessories
3665 Kingsway, Unit 185
Vancouver, BC
V5R 5W2
or call us at 604-568-6030

Our store hours are:
Sunday 11am - 10pm
Monday 11am - 11pm
Tuesday 11am - 10pm
Wednesday 11am - 11am
Thursday 11am - 10pm
Friday 11am - 12am
Saturday 11am - 10pm

Online Shopping Guarantee

We are committed to providing superior products and service to our customers. If you are not completely satisfied, contact us and we will make it right for you. Guaranteed! If you find that you are missing a product from your online order, please contact us for a refund of that product within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Store Policies

1.) Return Policies

TCG Singles: Due of market fluctuations, we cannot offer a Return Policy on TCG Singles. However we do guarantee the conditions of our cards, and therefore if you are unhappy with the condition of any card please contact us at

Products & Product Accessories: Items must be sealed in its original packaging and are accepted with a receipt within 30 days of purchase. No cash or debit refunds on any products.

2.) Pre-Order and Special Order Policies

All Pre-Ordered products will be held for two weeks after the initial release of the product.  Any Pre-Orders not claimed after 2 weeks will be cancelled and refunded via store credit.  All pre-orders are also subject to a 12% restocking fee during any cancellations. All special orders are final sale only.

3.) Non-Receipt of Order

Canada Post Standard Letter Mail: If you choose Canada Post Standard Letter Mail as your shipping option please be aware that we do NOT guarantee the arrival of your package. About 1 in 5,000 packages are lost by Canada Post, and many more packages experience delays in delivery for various reasons. We do however 100% guarantee that each Magic Stronghold order is packaged and shipped promptly the next business day. If you do not agree to release of any liability regarding the loss of a shipment, please read the Canada Post guaranteed shipping options below.

Canada Post (i.e Expedited Post): All Canada Post non-standard shipping options are fully insured and traceable for both Domestic and International deliveries. When we ship your order with a insured shipping option, an email would be sent to you with your package's tracking number. You can use this number to find exactly where in transit your package currently is. You can access this tracking data by entering the tracking number into the website. If you have any concerns about your package arriving we strongly suggest that you choose a non-standard Canada Post shipping option, it is 100% guaranteed.

4.) Order Cancellation Inc. reserves the right to cancel any order outright or limit the quantity of part of an order at any time for any reason without prior notification. You will be immediately notified of the reasons as to why your order was canceled, and any payment you made will be refunded immediately. Orders are very rarely canceled. If for any reason your order is canceled and you have not received a full refund for those canceled items, please email for a swift resolution of this matter.

5.) Out of stock

Occasionally our inventory is incorrect and we are out of stock of an item, when this happens we will notify you through the email you provided as soon as the discrepancy is revealed. We will also credit your store credit account for that balance immediately. As always you may request that the balance be refunded to you through the payment method you used to pay us. (i.e. we would send the refund to your paypal account if you paid for your order through paypal).

6.) Number of Accounts per household

Each household can have only 1 account. On occasion this means siblings must share an account.

7.) Pre-Order Policy (Singles Only)

Ideally this wouldn't be a problem; however, the distribution for Magic cards is simply awful. This means you rarely get the number of rares you should statistically open. For example if we should get a statistical average of 20 of each rare, we will routinely open as low as 8 of certain rares and as high as around 40 of others. What this means is we cannot guarantee delivery of Pre-Order singles. If we run out of a card you will receive a refund and an email. If you hate this as much as we do, complain to Wizards of the Coast. 

Due to market fluctuation, no returns or refunds are accepted for pre-ordered TCG singles.

All Pre-Ordered Magic the Gathering singles have to be paied in full. No reservation can be made unless the payment is cleared with us.

8.) Free Shipping Policy

Free shipping applies to all non-singles products sold by including Boardgames, Miniatures, RPG Books, and sealed boxed items.  Shipping will be via Expedited Service and is restrictied to Canada Only.  Free shipping is restricted to single qualifying item or multiple qualifying items worth a total of $200 or more before taxes.  Free shipping totals must be after coupons and discounts but prior to tax totals. reserves the right to request shipping fees under conditions such as remote-destinations and boxes of excessively large weight.  Free shipping must be selected as the option prior to submission of order and cancelling or adjusting quantities after submission may affect free shipping.  Terms are subject to change without notice.  If you have questions regarding this service please contact us.

9.) Product Returns & Restocking Fees

All products you purchase from us are guaranteed to arrive undamaged, contact us immediately if there is a damaged item in your package. If you fail to inform us within 2 days of delivery we cannot accept your return. On all returned items there will be a non-negotiable 20% restocking fee. All items must be returned to us within 10 business days. Failure to return items within that time will result in a penalty of an additional 10%, please return items quickly.

10.) Price Beat

Any sealed-product relating to Boardgames falls under our Price Beat option - if the customer knows of another store that has a copy of a boardgame for less, they can point it out to our staff who will match the price, without tax, for our customer.  This saves the customer 12% off the advertised game's total cost.  The compared game at the other store must be in stock at the time of comparison, cannot be on sale or clearance in any way, and must be at a local store in the General Vancouver Area.  We will not search for a store for the customer, the customer must be able to name the store to which the game is being compared.  This price beat option cannot yet be used for online sales without consulting a staff member, until such time as we get the online shoping cart corrected.  The price beat cannot be used on any other product lines outside of board games at this time.

11.) Orders Beyond $100 Dollars Value

Any domestic or international order that has value equal to or exceeds $100 dollars are suggested to choose a shipping option that contains a tracking number. Please note that it is the customer's responsiblilty to choose the correct shipping option. Magic Stronghold Games does not responsible for incorrectly chosen shiping option by the customer. For international buyers, if the trackable shipping option is not avaialble for your location please contact us for further instructions. 

12.) Pricing

All card prices are updated when the card is in stock.  This mostly partains to our prices on foils, Please check with us if you wish to confirm a price on a certain foil you wish you buy.

13.) Praise or Complaints

If you have any suggestions for our website, or any criticism of it, tell us, we make it a policy to listen attentively. We are always striving to bring better quality services and products to our valued customers. Without you, there is no us! Contact us directly at

Magic Stronghold reserves the right to modify the policies outlined above at its sole discretion, which may become effective immediately and without notice. Prices and quantity online do not necessarily reflect the prices and quantities in store.

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