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Rarity: Uncommon
Number: ST13-11 U
Description: [On Play] By placing this Digimon under 1 of your other Digimon that's red or has [Legend-Arms] in its traits as its bottom digivolution card, 1 of your Digimon gains [Reboot] until the end of your opponent's next turn. (Unsuspend this Digimon during your opponent's unsuspend phase.)
Level: 4
Color: Black
Digimon Power (DP): 4000
Digivolve 1 Level: 3
Digivolve 1 Color: Black
Digivolve 1 Cost: 2
Digivolve 2 Level: 3
Digivolve 2 Color: Red
Digivolve 2 Cost: 2
Digimon Form: Champion
Digimon Attribute: Data
Digimon Type: Armor/Legend-Arms
Inherited Effect: [Opponent's Turn] While you have a Digimon that's red or has [Legend-Arms] in its traits in play, this Digimon gains [Blocker] (When an opponent's Digimon attacks, you may suspend this Digimon to force the opponent to attack it instead).
Card Type: Digimon
Play Cost: 5


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