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Ho-Oh (Box Topper, #11/12) - Reverse Holofoil


Item Details

Card Number: 11/12
Rarity: Promo
Card Type: Colorless
HP: 80
Stage: Basic
Card Text: Poké-BODY — Crystal Type
Whenever you attach a [R], [W], or [L] basic Energy card from your hand to Ho-oh, Ho-oh’s type (color) becomes the same as that type of Energy until the end of the turn.
Attack 1: [R L] Holy Flame (20)
Attack 2: [R W W C] Scalding Steam (40)
Discard an Energy card attached to Ho-oh and flip a coin. If heads, the Defending Pokémon is now Burned.
Resistance: None
Retreat Cost: 3
Weakness: W


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