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King's Empire - Royal Rifle Corps


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The Royal Rifle Corps are the most expensive squad in the King's Empire. Their CLLE Rifles have a great range and Strength, and a trigger that can make it easier for each other action to hit. This is the core of their place on the battlefield, but they have other options to boot. Together, Now gives them a Reinforcement and an Inspired Token, helping them stay effective on the battlefield. Conversely, they can use Noble Procession to draw cards (and possibly give Inspired Tokens), ensuring others are more effective in the fight. A unit of Royal Rifle Corps, which includes the unit card and 9 models comprised of 5 different sculpts. They come on 30mm plug bases, which slot into the three 80mm Fireteam bases provided.

Manufacturer: Wyrd Miniatures
SKU: WYR40103
UPC: 812152030060


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