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Cult of the Burning Man Allegiance Box - Adeodatos


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I can't say that you'll ever be disappointed by an Ability called Shatter Reality. And, frankly, if you're playing the Cult, what this Ability does is insane. An extra Portal Marker means there is even less on the table outside of your tentacley grasp. Arcane Barrage is a potent magical attack with the possibility to punish an enemy who tries to defend against your Portals. And what Cult Commander would be complete without even more movement tricks When on Glory, Adeodatos' Arcane Barrage gets a trigger to let it attack twice, but his most crushing change comes from the addition of Devouring Vortex. If an enemy is near one of his Portals, Adeodatos can hit them with a massive Strength 6 hit at a ludicrous AV 9 and then force them through the Portal. Suffice it to say, it is devastating. 

Manufacturer: Wyrd Miniatures
SKU: WYR40251
UPC: 812152030428


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