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Cult of the Burning Man - Goryshche


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The Goryshche is a massive, twisted creature. Like the hydra, it spouts many heads and the ability to quickly replace that which it has lost. This means that while the Goryshche is easier to hurt than most Titans, it is also better able to withstand prolonged assault. Its Hungry Maw action is a potent attack at Strength 4, and it puts a great amount of fear into the enemy. It can also be used, with the Swallow Whole trigger, to deal a great amount of damage to an enemy Champion particularly a Commander. This is not the sort of creature you want to have as your enemy. Cult of the Burning Man Titan This includes the Goryshche unit card, the Titan Assets, and 1 model on a 120 mm plug base.

Manufacturer: Wyrd Miniatures
SKU: WYR40258
UPC: 812152030497


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