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Imperial Assault Complete Token Set (157pc.)


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Compatible with the Imperial Assault base game, our Imperial Assault Tokens Set (157 pcs) is a perfect way to upgrade your Star Wars game with durable, great-looking high quality plexiglass tokens.

The set is created to match quantities of tokens available in the base box and to make your gaming experience even better.

45x Damage Tokens (35 with „1” and 10 with „5”)

8x Terminal Tokens

8x Crate Tokens

1x Entrance Token

1x Initiative Token

20x ID Tokens

20x Mission Tokens (8 for each side and 12 neutral)

15x Conditin Tokens

4x Activation Tokens

ATTENTION!!! the colors in the pictures may differ from reality.

Manufacturer: E-Raptor
UPC: 5905669317641


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