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E-Raptor Firefly: The Game Organizer


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e-Raptor Organizer compatible with Firefly: The Game™ is a perfect accessory designed to organize and improve the gameplay of the board game.

Organizer includes: stand for spaceship with slots for all upgrades and mission cards and cargo slots + 2 card holders for crew members cards. You can hold everything in one place without being afraid of losing control of the setting. Also, the organizer allows you to move your player board to a different place without losing anything. 

The organizer is made of high quality transparent plexiglass. It combines simplicity and functionality and you can easily assemble it without glue! 

This offer concerns only the organizer. The game is not included.

Keep your game organized!

Assembled product's dimensions:


height: 2 cm

width: 29 cm

length: 14,5

Card holder:

height: 1,5 cm

width: 23,5 cm

length: 4 cm

Manufacturer: E-Raptor
UPC: 5905669317825


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