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Arena Gauntlet League Entry


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-From Three Kings Loot: $10 CAD entered into the season's prize pool to be distributed as credit!

-From FaceToFace Games: $100 CAD store credit divided among the Top 8

-From Toy Snowman: $10 discount code for any purchase given to all participants

League Background: The mission statement of the Sealed League is to provide a fun & welcoming environment for players to partake in friendly competition. The rules have been refined over the years through player feedback and trial and error to create the best possible gaming experience. In League, your cards get a lot of mileage. A season will last usually 6 weeks, allowing players to explore their pool and fine-tune their strategy along the way. The format is self-correcting, since the more you lose, the more you can add to your deck to try to win the next match. The League is also a community of passionate players, each with their own style and personality, which definitely adds to the experience. Friendly banter is a common occurrence on league chat where people discuss strategy, folklore and more.

Join our League community after you sign up using this link (Discord download needed):

No refunds on entry permitted once your starting pool has been generated.


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