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PG 1/60 Prefect Grade LED Unit for Gundam Exia


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- LED unit that can feel the behavior of particles spreading from the GN drive to the whole body!

- Change in color tone due to accumulation and compression of GN particles is expressed by newly designed LED unit.

- Adopt light guiding material that enables transmission of light to the whole body GN cable.

- It changes from [Green] in the activated state to [Green · Blue] in the operating state and changes to the critical state of [Red] of the GN particle.

- By incorporating it into the body of an optional [PG 1/60 Gundam Exia], it is possible to express color change due to accumulation and compression of GN particles.


· LED unit × 1 formula

[Product content]

· Marking stick × 1

· Instruction manual × 1

Manufacturer: Bandai
SKU: 5055967
UPC: 4573102558671


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