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Leviathan Ultimate Hobby File


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The Leviathan ultimate hobby file utilizes revolutionary new materials to give you a cutting experience never seen before. The complimentary protection case ensures that the Leviathan is well protected and completely unharmed.

Revolutionary: The Leviathan is crafted from zirconia, a material never used by other hobby files. Dominant: Crafted from zirconia, the Leviathan possess unparalleled hardness that eliminates the competition. It is also easy to clean and impervious to corrosion, pulling the Leviathan apart from its competitors.

The ceramic material of the Leviathan is not afraid of oxidization and rust. It allows the Leviathan to be easy to clean and water proof for tap rinsing. The superiority of ceramic is abundant in its natural filing ability. Its filing gives a beautiful finish that is comparable to sanding paper of 1000 to 1200 grit.

This product includes a nylon brush or soft brush to be used for cleaning filing residue off the file. Use the cleaning gel to clean the file completely. Clean directly with water in one step.

Product contains: ceramic file (1), nylon cleaning brush (1), storage box (1).

File dimensions: 117x15x2mm

For use on: plastic and transparent runners, resin kits, crystal epoxy, wood models (not recommended for harder materials like black walnut), PVC and ABS boards.

Manufacturer: DSPIAE
UPC: 6970845561025


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