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Antylamon (Alternate Art) - Foil


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Rarity: Rare
Number: EX2-022 R
Description: If you have [Suzie Wong] in play, your [Lopmon] can digivolve into this card in your hand for a digivolution cost of 3, ignoring its digivolution requirements.
[When Attacking] [Once Per Turn] You may trash the top card of your security stack to unsuspend this Digimon.
Level: 5
Color: Yellow
Digimon Power (DP): 7000
Digivolve 1 Level: 4
Digivolve 1 Color: Yellow
Digivolve 1 Cost: 3
Digimon Form: Ultimate
Digimon Attribute: Data
Digimon Type: Holy Beast/Deva
Card Type: Digimon
Play Cost: 7


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