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Weiss Schwarz Power Up Set - Kill La Kill


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This set provides you with card supplies to protect, store, or transport your precious decks.

Each set contains the following: Set-exclusive cards: 8 types x 4 pieces = 32 pieces (fixed assortment) 1 of 4 pieces will be foil

PR cards: 4 types x 4 pieces = 16 pieces (fixed assortment)

48 Cards + 1 Deck Case + 1 Card Top Loader + 1 Storage Box per Set

16 Sets per Carton


The cards in this Power Up Set may be used together with card numbers beginning with[KLK/] !

Compatible with the following neo-standard products:

WSE Trial Deck KILL la KILL

WSE Booster Pack KILL la KILL

Manufacturer: Bushiroad
UPC: 8885009407560


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