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Modular Terrain: Rampart City Ruin Bits


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Prepare for an authentic battlefield experience! With over 80 bits at your disposal, light up the streets and aim your sights down on your enemy. Place a stone wall for cover to shoot unnoticed. With these elements combined, defeat wasn't even a possibility.


1x Survey bot

2x Tribal barricade

5x Various sandbags

3x Various forcefields

2x Barrier

7x Alarm sirens

1x Alien energy crystal

7x CCTV camera

1x Alien pit

4x Various statues

3x Pressure gauge

6x Various jersey barriers

6x Ram skull props

1x Wrecked car

1x Generator

4x Various hazard pins

1x Alien portal

1x Tribal cannon

1x Warp warlock

6x Various toxic waste props

1x Gunstore sign

2x Air conditioner

1x Fire axe

2x Trash bin

6x Wall support

4x Gun turrets MK 1

2x Various ruin toppers

Manufacturer: Archon Studio
SKU: RAM0008
UPC: 5901414673765


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