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Imp Sleeves


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Mischievous but benevolent, imps are often watching over homes and hearths. In this case, they are all about taking care of your smaller cards! Imp sleeves are made to fit mini-euro-sized cards, they are 90 microns thick and made by PP. Imp sleeves fit Reichbuster’s Noise and Wounds decks and Super Fantasy Brawl’s challenges.

7 Wonders Duel, Dune Imperium Plot cards, Modifier decks from Gloomhaven, smaller Mysterium decks and Viticulture cards are all in this format! You can now protect them with Imps!

In the back of our boxes, you will find a table like the one below, informing you how many sleeves and which type you need to protect your game!

Manufacturer: Mythic Protectors
UPC: 618528205700


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