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BuyList - Store Policies

Buylist Policies

We have a 25% Trade Bonus

Packages being shipped to us must be postmarked within 7 business days. Packages postmarked or buy-orders dropped off in-store after 7 business days are subjected to price changes to reflect on the current buylist.

After we have received your cards, (whether they have been dropped off or shipped) you will receive another email notification once your cards have been graded. 

Store credit will be automatically credited if you choose to accept our offer.

E-transfers (Canada only) or Paypal payments will take up to 2 Business Days to be transferred to your e-mail account on file.

If you would like your payment by cheque, please let us know if you would like it shipped or if you would like to pick up in store.

Where to bring or ship your cards to.

Magic Stronghold Games

Attn: Buyer

185 - 3665 Kingsway 

Vancouver, B.C.

V5R 5W2


All prices listed are for Near Mint Prices. Price deductions rates are listed as a percentage of 

Buy price percentages:

Referenced here TCG Player Grading Chart

*Stamped cards are considered Heavily Played

**Signed cards are graded 1 grade lower than what they would normally be.

***Foil cards are more susceptible to clouding and various other downgrades. Grading foils will be heavily scrutinized.

****We are not responsible for products damaged or lost in shipping. Please pack your products carefully and thoroughly. 

*****It is the customer's responsibility to receive outstanding buy order rejections or collections. Any left with us for 1 month or more will be considered abandoned and disposed of as necessary.