Magic Stronghold Games and Accessories

Flesh and Blood TCG Weekly Armory Events

Magic Stronghold Games presents our NEW Flesh and Blood armory events every Saturday!

Entry fee: $10 Blitz/CC or $30 Drafts (Can change depending on week)

Location: In-Person, Magic Stronghold

Format: Blitz/Draft of latest set

Details: 16 player Cap, 4 Rounds Max.


1st - Cold Foil

2nd - $10 Store Credit**, 3 Promos

3rd - $5 Store Credit**, 3 Promos

4th - $5 Store Credit**, 2 Promos

1 Playmat or additional Cold Foil will be raffled every week while supplies last (3 out of 4 weeks a raffle can be expected)

**Please make sure you create an account in order to receive store credit. Only CC or Blitz events distribute store credit as prizes.